Babe It's fine you didn't know. *I laugh* I think we should get back in the elevator. -Bruno

Yeah that would probably be a good idea. *I push the button* 


seeing your friends when you’re with a really cute person


OK, we'll be there In a second. *I hand up* We gotta go another floor down. *I laugh* -Bruno

Wow, really? *I laugh* Sorry, that’s my bad. 

"I can do whatever I want."
OK that sounds like a good idea. *I get my phone out and call Eric* Bro, where the hell Is the room at? Me and Gina are lost. -Bruno

*I look around and try to find someone we know* 

Jeez where Is this room at? *I look around* -Bruno

I have no idea. *I look around* Why don’t you call Eric or someone to tell us where to go? 

*I laugh* That's why my skin Is so tan and luscious. *I laugh again still holding your hand* -Bruno

*I laugh* Of course it is. *The elevator doors open and we get out*

Yeah It's pretty amazing, I grew up here. *I smile walking into the elevator* -Bruno

Yeah, I mean compared to me growing up in the freezing cold it’s pretty nice. *I shrug*

the struggle is so real

Well let's go then baby. *I smile and close the slide door and walk out of the room holding your hand* -Bruno

*We get to the elevator and I push the button* I’m so happy to be here honestly. I never knew how beautiful it would actually be in person. 

Eric just texted me saying my dad Isn't there yet but he's about to be there, he just left his room. *I look at you* So I guess we should go now. -Bruno

*I take a deep breath and nod* Yeah, I guess so. 

I love you too. *I kiss you* Just relax, I'm telling you there gonna be so happy for us. -Bruno

*I hope so* I hold your hand.