I’m just going to do this and see if it catches on.

Here is the list of Bruno’s Tour Dates for the Moonshine Jungle tour. What I thought it would be cool to do is reblog it, and put your url next to the show you’re going to. This way, you can meet new Hooligans :) It’ll be a fun time!

June 22 Washington D.C.:

June 24  Philadelphia, PA:  unorthodoxfangirl

June 26 Boston, MA:

June 27 Uncasville, CT:

June 29 New York, NY:

July 1 Newark, NJ:

July 2 Pittsburgh, PA:

July 3 Toronto, ON:

July 5 Montreal, QC:

 July 8 Quebec City, QC:

July 10 Columbus, OH:

July 11 Detroit, MI:

July 13 Chicago, IL:

July 14 St. Paul, MN:

July 17 Calgary, AB:

July 18 Edmonton, AB:

July 20 Vancouver, BC:

July 21 Seattle, WA:

July 22 Portland, OR:

July 24 Sacramento, CA:

July 25 San Jose, CA:

July 27 Los Angeles, CA:

July 30 San Diego, CA:

July 31 Phoenix, AZ:

August 2 Salt Lake City, UT:

August 3 Las Vegas, NV:

August 5 Denver, CO:

August 8 St. Louis, MO:

August 9 Kansas City, MO:

August 10 Oklahoma City, OK:

August 12 Dallas, TX:

August 14 Austin, TX:

August 15 Houston, TX:

August 17 Nashville, TN:

August 18 Louisville, KY:

August 19 Indianapolis, IN:

August 21 Charlotte, NC:

August 22 Atlanta, GA:

August 28 Tampa, FL:

August 30 Miami, FL:


October 2 Belfast, NI:

October 3 Dublin, EIRE:

October 5 Manchester, UK:

October 6 Glasgow, UK:

October 8 London, UK:

October 11 Birmingham, UK:

October 12 Sheffield, UK:

October 14 Paris, France:

October 15 Amsterdam, Holland:

October 17 Antwerp, Belgium:

October 18 Luxembourg:

October 20 Mannheim, Germany:

October 21 Stuttgart, Germany:

October 23 Zurich, Switzerland:

October 24 Vienna, Austria:

October 26 Milan, Italy:

October 28 Berlin, Germany:

October 29 Hamburg, Germany:

October 31 Copenhagen, Denmark:

November 2 Oslo, Norway:

November 3 Stockholm , Sweden:

November 6 Prague, Czech Republic:

November 7 Budapest, Hungary:

November 9 Dusseldorf, Germany:

November 12 Munich, Germany:

November 13 Marseilles, France:

November 15 Madrid, Spain:

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